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The Semper Fi Fund, and its program America’s Fund, provide immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post 9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and their families, ensuring that they have the resources they need during their recovery and transition back to their communities.

Since establishing the Semper Fi Fund in 2004, we’ve issued more than 86,000 grants, totaling more than $102 million in assistance to over 13,300 of our heroes and their families.

The Semper Fi Fund was created by a group of Marine Corps spouses nine years ago, and those same women run the Fund today alongside other spouses from all services branches, retired service members, all of whom intimately know the needs of our military families.

We have been by our injured and ill service members’ sides from day one, helping them as they navigate lengthy recoveries and rejoin their communities.

The basic ideal that drives our efforts is simple: for as much as our heroes have sacrificed, they deserve the best care and support available in their hour of need. We are committed to being there at the time of injury or illness and for a lifetime if needed.

AIM is Christ’s Church fighting the ground war on sex trafficking in Cambodia. Our projects prevent, rescue, restore and reintegrate…impacting 10,000+ people a year.

Sex trafficking is a multifaceted, complex problem that cannot be solved in one step, one program or one year. That’s why, since 2005, Agape International Missions has been innovating on the battlefield.

AIM’s programs fight trafficking, restore victims and transform communities through prevention, rescue, restoration and reintegration, making a holistic and successful strategy in the ground war on child sex trafficking.

In addition to our strategy, our reliance on Jesus Christ and partnership with His Church and His people have been the hammer breaking through impossible obstacles. Daily, we see miracles taking place before our eyes.


Field of Dreams is dedicated to honoring our past and present soldiers, special needs children and children of our fallen by providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. FOD committee and volunteers are mostly avid outdoorsmen and women who are so grateful to have the chance to give back to our military who have given so much for our freedoms.

Without the sacrifices made by our military we would not have the freedoms we do today or the outdoor experience we all  love.

Field of Dreams is an outdoor enthusiast group that shares a commitment to provide “in the field” adventures for an especially deserving group of people in the United States. We focus our efforts on organizing and providing outdoor activities, such as hunting and fishing, for special needs children and their families; children of our fallen as well as U.S. Veterans wounded in foreign wars.

Our dream is to make the great outdoors accessible to all, so everyone can experience and enjoy the bounties of nature that we cherish and work so hard to preserve.

Allegiant Giving provides resources to promote local solutions by building relationships with organizations and individuals.   Our programs serve veterans, students, and athletes.

Allegiant Giving exists solely to drive the enrichment of our local community through the development of its future leaders.   Our focus centers on meaningful opportunities — the advancement of youth sports programs and military veteran services.   Each cause is a deserving, vital component for strengthening the fabric of our society, yet are underfunded.   Allegiant Giving aims to bring about a positive change.

Allegiant Giving is committed to making a significant difference by investing in tomorrow’s leaders.   With generous corporate and individual contributions, especially during these economically challenging times, we continuously strive to support these worthwhile endeavors.

As these athletes and service men and women grow into full adulthood, the loving community support, along with values and lessons learned, empower them to become effective leaders.   And as they succeed, we succeed.

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