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Movieguide: RIDE THE THUNDER Movie Review

The Truth Behind the Vietnam War Content: (CC, BB, ACAC, L, VV, AA, MM) Strong Christian, moral, anti-communist worldview, with biblical virtues of love, loyalty, compassion and faithfulness displayed among American and South Vietnamese soldiers committed to continue...

Ride the Thunder Doubles as Vietnam War Lesson

‘Ride the Thunder’ Tells the Missing Story of Vietnamese Marines and Their ‘Always Faithful’ Advisers By Jason Wheeler The Daily Courier American soldiers weren’t the only ones performing heroically in the jungles of Vietnam. Vietnamese...

WND Reports: Truth about Vietnam Suddenly in Demand

Book that inspired blockbuster movie skyrockets in popularity… The release of the war film, “Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Victory and Betrayal,” suddenly is generating new interest and excitement over the critically acclaimed 2009 book that inspired...

Ride the Thunder Movie Nation-Wide Release Begins!

By Tami Jackson Ride the Thunder started as a true story of the Vietnam War that needed to be told, and retired Marine, Richard Botkin, was the author. Now that amazing and true story has become a big-screen movie, and with the approach of Memorial Day, the...


Ride the Thunder Movie: A Dream 12 Years in the Making

By Tami Jackson Richard Botkin served active in the Marines from 1980 – 1983, then 12 years in the reserves. Botkin is a Marine’s Marine and, when this true story fell in his lap, he felt compelled to make it his mission. Though his service post-dates the...

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