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Quy Van Ly

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“Ride The Thunder” Crushes Big Hollywood Movies At The Box Office!

“It’s not a movie, it’s an EXPERIENCE!!”

~ Hugh Hewitt – Syndicated National Talk show Host

“One minute I wanted to stand up and cheer, and the next minute I was in tears!!”

~ Greg Gillaspy — President Vietnam Veterans of America #1024

“Magnificent movie….sets the record straight!!!”

~ Colonel USMC Andy Finlayson — two tours Vietnam

Phoenix, AZ – September 2nd – “Ride The Thunder” soared in it’s initial limited theatrical release in eight cities. The Premiere of “Ride The Thunder” in California shocked the film industry by being #1 in the Nation in box office revenue on a per theater basis.* In each of the other opening cities, “Ride The Thunder” consistently beat most of the big Hollywood blockbusters at the box office and running multiple weeks at each theater.

Richard Botkin, Executive Producer and author of the book that this Vietnam War movie is based on exclaimed, “People want to see the truth, they want to see a pro-American film that honors the heroes and exposes the bad guys, and YES, America is exceptional!” Director Fred Koster stated, “When we premiered in California, show after show was sold out. Now, to follow that up with these openings in other states is incredible! It’s a movie people want to see. Everywhere we have played the audiences have clapped at the end of the movie! We have been getting hundreds of requests throughout the nation asking when “Ride The Thunder” will be playing in their hometown.

SEPTEMBER 11th marks “Ride the Thunder’s” second theatrical release along with a new SUB-TITLE version in Vietnamese.

Special activities at Regency Theater include:

Friday 6:30 to 7:30 Meet the Cast with Free Movie posters followed by 9/11 Candlelight Memorial.
Saturday 6:30 to 7:30 Meet the Cast with Free Movie posters AND Bridging the Gap Ceremony.
Schools are being offered FREE field trips to the movie. Call or visit our website for details.

Synopsis: “Ride The Thunder” is the true heroic story of a friendship between American Military Legend, John Ripley and Vietnamese Hero Le Ba Binh. The storyline follows their fight together against the communists during the Vietnam War and then the ensuing aftermath of the fall of Vietnam as Ripley goes home to a divided America and Binh is imprisoned in a communist re-education camp.

CHECK out the website, ridethethundermovie.com for theatre locations, days and times.


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