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The Vietnam War began November 1, 1955 and ended April 30, 1975.

Evil does not change, it only changes its name, whether it is Communism, Nazism or Islamo-Nazism of today.

Fools do not become smart. John Kerry, Mr. potato face, was a foolish young man during the Vietnam War era who lied to the American people about what the American soldiers were doing while fighting. He is now lying to the American people about the Islamo-Nazis in Iran. Kerry is a traitor who should never be in public office serving the interests of America.

The Vietnam War may have been mismanaged by the politicians but its cause, to protect South Vietnam from falling into the hands of China and Russia Communism, which came through North Vietnam’s Vietcong, was a holy and just cause-war.There were many other American traitors, among them was Hanoi Jane, AKA actress Jane Fonda, and actor Donald Sutherland. They and their like worked tirelessly to deceive the American people, just as, nowadays, Obama is lying and deceiving the American people.

This movie, excellently acted, is a MUST see, because seeing it will make it easier to understand the current government’s foreign policy, or lack of, when it comes to terror as well as what may ensue if we, the people, do not watch the unfolding events.

Terror is evil. The purpose of terror is to terrorize and frighten. That evil terrorized millions of innocent Vietnamese the same way Islamo-Nazi terrorists terrorize untold number of people in many parts of the world nowadays.

This movie is a must-see in order for us to have a better understanding of Americans who hate America yet live among us and enjoy all the goodness this land has to offer, but with much disdain for it.

Courage is not the absence fear, rather it is the presence of faith.

Vietnam, Ride The Thunder , acted by Joseph Hieu and Eric St. John as the main characters, is a MUST see in order for the American people to finally bring closure to the misconception, the lies and deception about the war. We, the people, were sold a bill of goods. To millions of Vietnamese whom America saved from Communism, the Vietnam War was simply a WIN.

Please demand that the movie be shown in the theatre near you.

Ride the Thunder:

Pix from the film Ride The Thunder
Pix from the film Ride The Thunder

Nurit Greenger sees Israel and the United States equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom and since 2006, has been writing about events in these two countries. Contact her by writing to Read more stories by Nurit Greenger.

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