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Ride the Thunder,” the Vietnam War film directed by Fred Koster, based on a [true] story written by Richard Botkin, is hitting Harkins Theater on Friday, June 19, staying until Thursday, June 25.

Originally, a meet and greet with cast and crew was planned for Sat. June 20; however, this [5:30PM meet and greet] has become a bigger event with multiple veterans organizations.

Koster said that the film is becoming more than a movie and is turning into an event.

Kermit Hunt, the chaplain at Granite Mountain Home Care and Hospice has been organizing with various veterans organizations. Hunt said that the Vietnam Vet Center was so excited about the movie and its meaning that they allied themselves with the VFW and other veteran organizations.

“Everybody gets to meet one another,” Hunt said. “It’s an amazing thing this has done…. Bringing all of us together to help veterans.”

Hunt said it’s going from making a difference to making an impact, bringing healing and closure to Vietnam veterans.

Koster said he’s overwhelmed at what Saturday night’s meet & greet turned into, stating that the film has been to a number of different cities and while they’ve all opened their arms, he said Prescott has been especially receptive.

“It feels like we’re going home,” Koster said, citing part of the film’s local production as well asthe area’s heavy veteran population. He said there are about 14,000 Vietnam veterans in Prescott.

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First published at the Prescott Daily Courier


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