WESTMINSTER, California (NV)Ride The Thunder, a film about the Vietnam war again, about to be shown throughout the week, with the first performance at 10 am, on Saturday, March 28, 2015, at Regency theater, at 6721 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA 92683.


The Thunder Ride is a documentary film, based on the book of the same name, “Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph,” roughly translated as “Riding Flame Thunder: The story of honor and glory photosynthesis in the Vietnam War, “released in 2009.

Both the book and the movie are early works of the author, and now, film Executive Producer Richard Botkin.

Over the phone, Richard Botkin for the Vietnamese newspaper said, to write books and make movies, you have to read 100 books on the Vietnam War, Vietnam 4 trips to visit, to study, to meet and interview questions characters.

Richard Botkin help implement reels, outside director Fred Koster, there are many familiar faces in the Vietnamese American community, as actress Kieu Chinh, as a co-producer, adviser to the team film about the arts film behind the lens.

As a documentary film “low budget,” Ride The Thunder is not hype, but Richard Botkin confident that his work will make the audience, especially those who have been involved in Vietnam, “contact action. ”

“The reason is because the film recounts the story is the real story, typical of so many Vietnamese refugees. Look, most people see pictures of yourself or your loved one in it. “He said Botkin.

There is at least one person agreed with him.

“Landscape of Quang Tri me to tears. My father served there before! “A sign Facebooker Binh Nguyen wrote on his Facebook page, song after watching the preview.

Scene Facebooker Binh Nguyen said to be a scene in Dong Ha, Quang Tri, on the 1972 season.

Chi fraternity war

The battle between the two sides at the same time become fierce and extremely critical, when Marines Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) was put on the situation egg against a rock, before human wave tactics of the North Vietnamese Army.

“We have about 700 soldiers. The other side of the river, about 20,000 communist. “The ARVN officers told teammates around with a sad voice.

Sitting opposite him in the flickering firelight night, the American advisers, sweating, eyes soaked fears and compassion, quietly talking with teammates in that moment will share the same fate:

“If we can keep the bridge, we will protect Dong Ha.”

No answer, the ARVN officer said coldly large, the decision does not hide all features are tragic face.

“Our orders are protected Dong Ha, we fought in Dong Ha, and will die in Dong Ha!”

Only through the eyes across a short, two acting talent of the actor gave the audience feel the emotional costs of war fraternal bond of two people of a different race team, but the same battle lines. That is the true feelings of the characters real, former Lieutenant Colonel Le Ba Binh, former battalion battalion ARVN 3rd Marines, and Captain John Ripley, an advisory group to the 3rd Battalion, South Vietnamese Marines…

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[translated from Vietnamese]

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