#1 in The COUNTRY – Average Theatre Weekend Box Office Revenue

Westminster, CA – March 30th, 2015 – “Ride The Thunder – A Vietnam War Story of Victory & Betrayal” premiered at Regency Theatre Westminster 10 on March 27th with huge SUCCESS.  Long box offices lines were commonplace as show after show was SOLD OUT all weekend long.  The tremendous box office sales resulted in “Ride The Thunder” achieving the highest average per Theatre Box Office in the COUNTRY!

“Ride The Thunder” is based on the book with the same title by retired Marine officer Richard Botkin, telling the truth about the Vietnam War.  It is the heroic story of a friendship between American Marine legend, John Ripley and Vietnamese here, Marine Le Ba Binh. 

The storyline follows their fight together against the communists during the Vietnam War and then the ensuing aftermath of the fall of Vietnam as Ripley goes home to a divided America while Binh is imprisoned in a Communist re-education camp.

Ride the Thunder’s investors and producers include American veterans of the Vietnam War along with Vietnamese War refugees. 

Executive Producer: Richard Botkin; Director/Producer/ Screenwriter: Fred Koster; also including Vietnamese-American Co-Producers, the legendary actress Kieu-Chinh (known for her work in TV and films such as MASH, China Beach, The Joy Luck Club, Journey from the Fall) 43 years ago, in Vietnam, Kieu-Chinh was one of the very first female Executive-Producers of the Award winning movie NGUOI TINH KHONG CHAN DUNG (WARRIORS WHO ARE YOU) by GIAO CHI FILM CO. Kieu-Chinh was also the owner of Giao Chi Film Co.

Co-Producers also include Quy Van Ly (translated the book “Ride The Thunder” into Vietnamese); Alan Vo Ford (Executive Producer for the acclaimed movie, “Journey From the Fall”); and Joseph Hieu (Hollywood actor). The main Vietnamese cast in this film are refugees from Vietnam. 

“Ride The Thunder” will open the eyes of many Americans to what truly happened in Vietnam.  It will dispel the lies and distortions of the war. This feature film displays the honor and triumph that has been hidden from the American public for over 4 decades. 

“Ride The Thunder” is a unique Vietnam War movie in that it tells the story of the Vietnam War as experienced by both the American & South Vietnamese veterans who fought the battles. 

“The film is our effort to try to right the historical wrongs, to leave a more positive record of the American fighting man and also our Vietnamese allies,” said Richard Botkin, Executive Producer.

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