‘Ride the Thunder’ recalls heroics of U.S. and South Vietnamese fighters who held off a Communist invasion

These have been days of remembrance in Little Saigon with the screening of two films looking back at the Vietnam War at a suburban Orange County theater in the heart of the nation’s most prominent Vietnamese American community.

By Monday, hundreds of locals had posed on the red carpet inside the Regency Theatres in Westminster, snapping selfies with decorated veterans and cast members of the movie “Ride the Thunder.”

The story of American and South Vietnamese fighters working side by side to hold off a Communist campaign known as the Easter Offensive, “Ride the Thunder” followed on the heels of “Last Days of Vietnam,” an Oscar-nominated documentary that also was screened in Little Saigon.

“This is incredible. This is a moment to bring people together. So many men showed bravery and selflessness on the battlefield that we could not ever forget,” said Le Ba Binh, the lieutenant colonel who commanded the Soi Bien, or Wolves of the Sea.

The film, and the book of the name, is based on his experience, as well as that of his American counterparts…

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