Westminster, CA – March 27th, 2015 – The US Senate sanctioned March 30th as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran’s Day”. In honor of Vietnam War Veterans, the feature film, “Ride The Thunder – A Vietnam War Story of Honor & Triumph” will Premiere on Friday, March 27th, 2015, at The Regency Westminster 10 Theater.

In conjunction with the movie Premiere, Greg Gillaspy (Chapter President of the Vietnam Veteran’s of America, Chapter 1024), is coordinating the Special Event, “Bridging The Gap”, on Saturday the 28th.

This is an emotional and moving reunion of both American & South Vietnamese Vietnam War Veterans.

Bridging the Gap will commence at 10AM

Regency Theater
6721 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92683.

Event coordinator, Greg Gillaspy describes the event:

This ceremony is to promote Veteran brotherhood between the South Vietnam Veterans and the American Veterans. No uniforms will be worn by either side to make everyone equal, no matter your rank.

On hand to sing the Star Spangled Banner will be Janine Stange, The National Anthem Girl.

On August 28th she made history as the first person to sing our National Anthem in ALL 50 STATES to honor our brave men and women who keep us the land of the free.

Tim Chambers, The Saluting Marine, will perform the orders to our Veterans.

Chambers has a reputation of service. But beyond that, the Saluting Marine has a deep love and respect for other service members and shows it with his salute.

In 2004 Tim received a laudatory letter from Marine Commandant General Michael Hagee, who wrote concerning Chambers salute to the Veterans who ride in Rolling Thunder annually.

Commandant General Hagee commended Chambers “for serving as a superb representative of our Marine Corps.”

Event MC will be Greg Gillaspy, American Vietnam Veteran.

Speakers will include:

  • John Turley, American Vietnam Veteran, Retired Lieutenant Colonel
  • Richard Botkin, American Retired Veteran, Author, Producer
  • Fred Koster, American Patriot, Movie Maker

This ceremony will be free and open to the public, and for all branches of the service for both American and South Vietnamese Veterans.

On site will be the Vietnam Honor Wall: this is the only wall where BOTH Americans and Vietnamese can add the names of their loved ones, friends, and buddies who served in Vietnam and paid the last full measure of devotion.

Bridging the Gap will be an amazing event, a time of brotherhood, honor and healing.

Any in the Southern California area are not only invited, but strongly urged to attend this ceremony that, in addition to the efforts of Ride the Thunder movie, will hopefully mark the beginning of a great awakening in America.

An awakening to the truth of Vietnam: it was a war worth fighting and we were winning. And an awakening to the courage and honor due those Americans and South Vietnamese who fought the communists.

The honor is long overdue: we owe these Veterans a proper place in history. And now it begins.

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